Saturday, March 12, 2011

Psalm 68:11

"God gave the word and great is the company of those who evangelize it"

You need your Hebrew here but...

What's neat is that this army of good news-tellers are women! This is unexpected for us but completely in line with both Old and New Testaments. After all, who, after Moses, starts telling the good news of getting out of Egypt. You guessed it, Miriam and the women who followed after her. And then of course, in the New Testament, you've got women all over the place preaching the good news, think of Mary Magdalene, who gave the first Easter sermon after Jesus and then all the women in Paul's day who were in some cases going to the four corners of the earth to preach. Remember, Paul doesn't tell women with the spirit not to preach but rather HOW to preach and pray (with their heads covered).